We offer you unique and custom advertising items for individuals and businesses in different fields and sectors, as well as the best quality of materials, making us one of the leading advertising agencies in the region.

If you are looking for new and creative ideas for your personalized business gifts, then you are at the right place. You can choose from many of our gift items such as printed pens, printed giveaways, USB flash drives, promotional bags, office custom corporate gifts, wall items, notepads, medals, plaques, all designed with various shapes, graphics and printed on using high quality materials and promotional gifts.

Perhaps the most important feature of our custom promotional products and personalized corporate gifts is that we rely on understanding the vision and perception of the client well and then turn it into a reality that speaks to their audience in a dazzling way to help increase the sales figures.

We give special care to the promotional gifts department at our agency, especially since it is one of the most developed and growing departments. It also includes a group of the most efficient and competent staff to provide you with the latest products and gift items of the finest raw materials from around the world suitable for different tastes for everyone.

Through our personalised promotional gifts, we are keen to imprint your brand into the minds by creating different ideas suitable for all businesses and sectors. Whether you are with a government institute or private company, school, university or individual, you will find what suits you at “Different Advertising” large selection of corporate giveaways.

Best Promotional Gift Companies:

We do not just offer promotional gift printing or personalised gifts suitable for different events, but we are distinguished by our innovation and creativity that addresses thoughts, minds and feelings alike. Which makes us in the forefront of promotional gift companies in Riyadh. We will identify the promotional giveaways that are tailored to suit your every occasion and address all categories of customers as per your target audience. Even if you have not yet identified the quality and shape of the promotional gifts you want produced, you will find a large and varied list of promotional ideas readily available for all events and sectors.

Corporate Promotional Gifts:

Corporate promotional items are known as one of the fundamentals of marketing giveaways, and have spread over the past few years in many different sectors and fields. And most companies now pay great attention to their company branded items and corporate branded merchandise, and consider them the starting point and basis for the rest of their marketing campaigns. Especially as promotional corporate gifts are considered by many customers as one of the best means by which the company expresses its respect and appreciation to customers and its target audience. If promotional gifts are good and of high quality, you have ensured that your brand is engraved in the minds of, and given a positive image to your customers and target audience. This highlights the importance of relying on a leading agency such as “Different Advertising” that will help you attract the attention and loyalty of your customers and enhance your brand in the minds of different clients through your branded corporate gifts and business giveaways.

Printed Promotional Items:

Are you planning to hold events, conferences or seminars for your business soon? Are you thinking about setting up a big marketing campaign to promote or introduce your brand? Are you looking for unconventional ideas for the gifts you will give to your guests and customers during these campaigns or events? You can explore the ideas of promotional gifts and printed promotional products that we can provide. In addition, we can design and implement any kind of gifts you may dream of and think about. But in general you can choose from the following:

Printed Promotional Pens

We can choose the best and finest types of imprinted pens from prestigious brands and print the name and logo of your company (your business), and most characteristic of this kind of gifts that is suitable for many sectors and customers and fit throughout the year.

Printed T-shirts and Cups

Perhaps the most appropriate gifts for youth events or school celebrations and universities.

Personalized Custom Gifts

We can design and produce custom gifts that may come to your imagination, with the best materials, highest quality and of course at the best prices.

USB Flash Memory Drives

The most popular gift for many customer segments, it is a practical gift that can be used in many uses and for all times. It can be preloaded with your company’s digital brochure or with a video demonstrating your products and services.

Executive Gifts

Which include many executive gifts such as notebooks, wallets, decorative items and other memorable gifts that will place your brand name and logo in front of your audience.

There is no need to wait or think more. Whether you have gift ideas you want to implement, or are still at a loss and have not yet identified the type of corporate gifts you want, there is no problem. Contact us now and we will offer you all the help you need in order to get the perfect promotional gifts for you and your customers.

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